In case of any questions related to labor relations, employee of MTS Groups can refer to his (her) immediate supervisor or to the colleagues from HR department. JSC “MTS” will not tolerate any repressive measures against anyone, who tries to do the right thing when reporting about violations.

To report about potential or committed breaches of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provisions, about corruption, and fraud, and other violations of laws connected to the company’s sphere of activities, write to the e-mail: or call on by toll-free number: 8 800 234 44 18 free of charge for the territory of the Russian Federation. If you are calling from abroad, select your country in the list below to find out the toll-free international number. If your country is not listed, click here for more instructions.

You can also inform about breaches by filling out a simple form below. The time for responses are regulated by internal policies and regulations of MTS Group.

Draft a message
Password generation

Once a message is sent, we will generate a PIN code you will need to view the information on the message. For access, you also need to generate a password (the password should contain minimum 6 characters (at least 1 upper case character, 1 lower case character, 1 special character and 1 figure)

When receiving and considering reports, the company guarantees confidentiality and non-disclosure of personal data of those applying. The company undertakes not to allow retaliatory actions in respect of bona fide persons reporting about breaches. You can also report about breaches anonymously. At that, one should keep in mind that intentional provision of false or misleading information is prohibited.

Unified hotline does not accept general complaints, for example, quality of services, pricing or tariffs. For these purposes, please apply to the Contact Center